Hotmailer 3.1

Validate your recipient e-mail addresses before you send

Hotmailer is a bulk email sender, email address finder and verifier. It can efficiently search large numbers of e-mail addresses from a mail server in a short time. With a built in SMTP server, it will connect to the remote server and post email addresses for verification.

If the email address is valid, Hotmailer will automatically send the mail. On just a 56K internet connection speed, you can expect to send approximately 2000 or more mails per minute.

It has a robust multi-threading mailing engine that is designed to handle hundreds of mailing connections. A connection guard is also incorporated to get rid of non-functioning connections so that other connections will not be affected or disturbed. All these features ensure efficient bulk mailing.

There's no need to choose an ISP. So long as you have an internet connection, you can send the mail anywhere in the world! No password or username required.

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